Baggage Handler Leaves Passengers In Tears With 'Ridiculous' Dance Routine!

Baggage Handler Leaves Passengers In Tears With 'Ridiculous' Dance Routine!

Luu Vailuu, 23, from Oahu, gave a full-on show worthy of a different kind of runway to passengers onboarding a plane heading to the runway at Honolulu International Airport.

We've all come across somebody who unmistakably abhors their day job and makes a public showcase of their disappointment! Be that as it may, at times, you're sufficiently fortunate to come across somebody on the job who encapsulates the kind of pure delight that can truly bring a smile on your face! 

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Along similar lines, as of late a baggage handler flawlessly demonstrated that he belongs to the latter category when he played out a furious dance routine on the landing area as a plane was getting ready to leave. Luu Vailuu is a 23-year-old Oahu inhabitant who has filled in as a ramp operator for Hawaiian Airlines for as far back as 10 months.


His ordinary obligations include stacking and unloading travelers' baggage and guiding planes to their entryways at Honolulu International Airport. Be that as it may, he likewise goes far in excess of what is required from him by presenting some totally fabulous dance moves for the satisfaction of the passengers! 


"Every time I do something, I always see a phone sticking out," Vailuu disclosed to BuzzFeed News in a telephonic interview on Saturday. On Friday, Vailuu started to turn into a web sensation when a local teenager, Tiffany Gataniss, recorded a video of him shaking a leg next to her plane as she hung tight for departure.


In the video, Vailuu can be seen walking close to the jet before understanding that Gataniss was shooting him. He at that point waves to the camera and starts to spin and turn for the satisfaction of those who were on-board. "I'm going to pee myself!" somebody on the video can be heard stating while at the same time giggling.


"He's putting on a show! He's putting on a show!" By Saturday evening, Gataniss' video had gathered in excess of 100,000 views on Twitter. Another video which was recorded by a fellow traveler was likewise viewed a huge number of times and captured the travelers yelling with bliss when he crouched and after that bent over.


"I had just finished loading the plane and it was my last plane before I got off," he disclosed to BuzzFeed News of his motivation behind dancing. "I was like, I might as well!" Vailuu said he'd learned his moves by studying artists on Instagram, particularly the Los Angeles choreographer Cisco Ruelas.


"When I work out, I just practice it in the mirror at the gym," he explained. "I wouldn't have any shame!" Be that as it may, this isn't the first run through when his moves have grabbed the eye of travelers. In March, one traveler shot Vailuu guiding his plane to the entryway with a mind-boggling attitude and swagger! "This guy needs a raise ASAP," the passenger wrote. "Best arrival ever."


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