Babywearing NICU Nurses Give Preemie Babies Extra Love And Care And Are Being Praised.

Babywearing NICU Nurses Give Preemie Babies Extra Love And Care And Are Being Praised.

NICU nurses seem like superhumans caring and showering immense love for children as if they are their own. People shared their stories praising these babywearing nurses' pictures that went viral from Germany.

Having a child, especially a new-born baby, in the NICU is extremely difficult. Parents become so anxious as their baby is just a few days old and they are asked to leave him alone. This usually happens in some special cases but it's definitely a tough time for Parents.




The hardest part is that the parents can’t possibly be there in the hospital with their child the whole day. And they have to trust someone and that means these NICU Nurses who recently went viral. This was because these viral photos of nurses in Germany are gathering so much love as they are using babywearing to snuggle preemie babies.


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As it's obvious that newborn babies need a lot of snuggle time especially preemie babies. However, parents are not allowed to stay in the NICU. That’s why these nurses in Germany are being praised around the world for going above and beyond to make sure the preemie babies in the NICU feel loved and cared for. 


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These nurses in the photos by a babywearing company Manduca show how these nurses get along with their chores holding the babies close. Some photos showed these nurses going about their daily tasks, all while wearing a baby-carrying device with a tiny little infant snuggled inside. 


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Parents whose children have been in the NICU have flooded the comment section, expressing how incredibly grateful they are for the love and support from the nurses.


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Some shared their stories of how they witnessed their love and appreciate them all along for being there and caring for preemies like their own children.

Article and Image source: Diply

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