Baby Elephant Attempts To Hide Behind Pole After Being Caught Eating Sugarcane In A Field.

Baby Elephant Attempts To Hide Behind Pole After Being Caught Eating Sugarcane In A Field.

The elephant was feasting on sugar cane in a farmer's field when it saw people approaching and apparently decided that hiding behind a pole much smaller than itself would be the best course of action.

A baby elephant was caught in Chiang Mai in the mountainous north of Thailand. The elephant hid behind a rather narrow post as investigating locals approached.It also seemed to stand perfectly still, thinking that people would not find it. 

Around 2,000 elephants live in Thailand in the wild, and this week one of them made headlines.

In Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, a baby elephant was caught on tape, committing the cheekiest "crime" ever When approached by local residents, the playful elephant evidently feasted on some sugarcanes in a farmer's field.

The cute baby animal hid behind a small post in order not to get caught, making the local farmers and thousands of people online crack up with laughter.

Apparently, the baby elephant stumbled on some sugarcane and wanted to have a little, delicious feast.



However, people obviously didn't intend to see it but when they did, the cheeky baby hid behind a thin pole, thinking that no one could see the cute trespasser. It stayed completely quiet as the local people shone a light on the elephant and its obvious hiding spot in order that it would not be noticed.

On November 16, the funny picture was originally shared on Facebook. Translated from Thai, the caption read: “Keep calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.”

Without a doubt, the picture  cracked up hundreds of people. The article was enjoyed by almost 3k individuals, and more than 1k posted it on their feeds. The cute image spread rapidly to other social media sites such as Facebook, Imgur, and Reddit.




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