Ashley Graham Spreads Body Positivity By Normalizing Armpit Hair In Her Stunning Instagram Photo.

Ashley Graham Spreads Body Positivity By Normalizing Armpit Hair In Her Stunning Instagram Photo.

Ashley Graham the stunning body positive and an incredible supermodel once again stands her ground in opposing the taboo regarding body hair and women. Her latest Instagram post reveals how she supports and loves her body as it is.

If you know the gorgeous supermodel, Ashley Graham, then you just know how important body acceptance and positivity are to her. She is a diva and when she addresses issues like that, she rocks them too and becomes a superhuman too. 



She has always challenged the old and freaky industry standards when it comes to the dos and don’ts of women's beauty. She has stood up to a lot of taboos for women's beauty happening in our society. Graham uses her social media platform to promote her messages.

In the past, the model has highlighted many things like loving every inch of your body, dealing with postpartum hair loss, and many more. She is positive about everything and teaches the same.

In her latest Instagram post, going out to her over 12 million genuine followers, Graham decided to deal with another taboo in women’s beauty standards, that is body hair. Many influencers and actors have recently stood up to this because women need to accept themselves the way they are. They shouldn't force themselves to fit in with what society has set as a standard.




Having to shave, wax, or even thread away hair from practically head to toe is not easy at any cost. But why can’t women have a little extra fuzz and still be beautiful? Just because society and industry have set this terrible standard? Ashley Graham doesn’t believe that this needs to be the case.





Sporting a baby blue ribbed Marc Jacobs’ dress, she looked stunning and Graham posed confidently with one arm in the air, revealing an unshaven armpit.




Fans and followers showed the deserved support and sent love. Also, some other celebs in the past have recently done the same that makes this approach even more powerful and easy for the girls to follow.

Article and Image source: Diply

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