Ashley Graham says her 'whole hairline fell out,' claiming that it was traumatic than giving birth.

Ashley Graham says her 'whole hairline fell out,' claiming that it was traumatic than giving birth.

Ashley Graham, who recently told Parents about a normal but potentially disturbing side effect she experienced several months after giving birth to her son, was taken aback. Postpartum hair loss was one of the side effects.

Ashley Graham has spoken out about her postpartum hair loss, which she describes as "more painful than childbirth." On January 18, 2020, the outspoken model, 33, gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Isaac Menelik Giovanni.

Ashley has been open about raising children and their impact on your body since the birth of her first child.
She talked about the hair loss she started four months after Isaac was born in a recent interview with Parents.

Ashley said:

"I think it was like around four months, my whole hairline fell out. And that was more traumatic than even birth because I was like, 'My hair's falling out in clumps—what am I doing?' and then I realized it's actually a thing."

She added:

"My skin got a bit irritated as well, and I had a little bit of rosacea that I had to combat."


In an interview with Parents, she also mentioned that she strives to be open and honest about the physical effects of pregnancy and how she cares for her body.

She said:

"I like to share every aspect of my life. I don't want to hide how I'm taking care of my body, whether it's mental health, stretching, movement.
Even through pregnancy, I wanted other pregnant women to know it's OK to move your body as long as you've been doing it before you were pregnant for safety reasons…"

Ashley added:

"For me moving my body is like a big form of self-care—and mental health has really been such a big conversation that people have been having, especially all through 2020."
"I just have found it incredibly important for everybody to talk about their journey and what they've been doing because it helps people who are struggling."

In February, she told E! News that she believes the unattainable ideal of a "postpartum snapback" is "very BS."

"I think it's an unattainable reality for most women," she added. "And it's been an unattainable reality for myself."

Despite the postpartum challenges, Graham couldn't help but rave over being a mother to her baby boy.

"The rewards are daily,"

She outlined:

"Isaac brings us so much joy, just watching him grow and learn. And he's so inquisitive. And he's so curious. And he's a big adventurer."

"So, I have to say it's a daily joy being around him. It just makes me want to have more and more."


In People One Last Thing, Ashely Graham clapped back at mom-shamers and said:

"You Hear It All the Time"

Check out the video below:




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