Artist Recreates Little Mermaid In 21st Century And The Results Are Heartbreaking

Artist Recreates Little Mermaid In 21st Century And The Results Are Heartbreaking

Take a look at these eye-opening comics and get an idea, in what condition a modern mermaid would exist!

“The Little Mermaid,” fairy tale of a beautiful mermaid princess was first written in 1836 by a Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The story itself is famous not only among children but adults love it equally. Over the years, it has been recreated many times. Among these, the most recognized version was the one made by Disney in 1989. The fairy tale that has been recreated so many times over the years, with a touch of magic, always ends on a happy note.

This German artist Stephanie Hermes, famous with the name of s0s2, however, has recreated “Little Mermaid” with a new outlook. How Little Mermaid would look like in the 21st century? Sharing his source of inspiration, s0s2 said, “I would say that my style was mostly inspired by American cartoons from the ’90s with a touch of Japanese anime. I really love drawing funny expressions and cartoons are perfect for that.”

Keeping in mind an important issue of the 21st century, that is ocean pollution, Stephanie has titled his creation “The Little Trashmaid.” In this creation, Stephanie has displayed comics, showing how Ariel from Little Mermaid would have lived, had she existed in this century. Needless to say, the comics are not only disheartening but a real eye-opener too. Looking at Stephanie's collection of “The Little Trashmaid,” it makes one ponder, the future of our planet Earth. Take a look at the gallery and be a judge of the situation on your own. Also, don't forget to tell us in the comments what you think of it.

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