Artist made Life-Size Sculptures Made from Woven Rods of Willow And Placed Them In The Forest.

Artist made Life-Size Sculptures Made from Woven Rods of Willow And Placed Them In The Forest.

Anna & the willow has turned the traditional and antique art of basketry into something modern and exciting. Each Large Piece Is First Planned With Hand-Drawn Sketches Before Being Rendered From Bespoke Steel Frames.Anna Then Wraps Them With Layers Of Interwoven Willow Rods.

Inspired by the craft and a lovely weekend craft course, a British sculptor known as Anna & the Willow has taken a twist on the  timeless technique of basketing. She creates incredible sculptures which are basically nature inspired and look like they belong in the woods. 




These sculptures possess such significance due to the material and effort used. They are made from English-grown rods of willow. 




First a sketch is made and then Anna starts working upon them by collecting the willows together. The sculptures you will witness are so awe inspiring and do not seem like they are handmade. The beautiful art of basketry is so widespread and varied in human civilisation and is proved through these masterpieces of Annas' work. 




Anna belongs to North Yorkshire where she also conducts some workshops to further spread her creativity and make people learn this modern form of basket weaving. She has a deep fascination with animals and she also studied zoology. Also, she feels a natural connection with the natural world. 



And that is the reason behind her sculptures being devoted to nature and its elements. Anna has turned a mainstream and traditional art into something modern and quite fascinating.  




One of the most favorite and popular  sculptures she made till now is the 9-foot figurative sculpture, which is titled as "The Huntress of Skipton Castle Woods." 









The sculpture depicts a woman shooting with a bow and arrow. This sculpture like all others is placed amongst woods. And the remarkable piece looks as though it has grown in between them from the forest floor and will come to life to shoot her arrow at any second!




No doubt, she has completely transformed basket weaving from something boring to quite incredible. 

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