Artist Illustrates The Unglamorous Yet Beautiful Side Of True Love, And It's On Point!

Artist Illustrates The Unglamorous Yet Beautiful Side Of True Love, And It's On Point!

These heart-warming drawings show the realities of a long-term relationship, and it's totally different from what one might expect "true love" to look like. Take a look yourself.

How would you characterize genuine love? Is it Empire State Building proposals and festoons of red roses? Or then again is it nodding off before the TV and culling each other's unexplained facial hairs? For LA-based craftsman Amanda Oleander, it is the last mentioned and she records her extremely practical impression of romance on Instagram through a progression of touching illustrations.  

Drawing motivation from her own long-term relationship, Oleander's illustrations portray couples in a progression of situations that exhibit the unglamorous, and often endearing, side of love. Oleander regularly portrays couples in their home who are completely comfortable in each other's company. They gallivant around in their underwear, this prompts some fascinating moments that uncover the inward workings of a relationship. 

Along the same lines, we've gathered a rundown of some of her best works that are sure to hit you right in the feels: 

1.  You don't mind the minor compromises 


2. The true colors come out 


3. Two hearts one soul 


4. The journey from 'house' to 'home'


5. No such thing as shame 


6. Through the quirks, together


7. Way past all the obstacles 


8. True happiness 


9. Home is where the heart is 


10. Food, wine, and love is you need 


11. Nothing compares to you 


12. Schism 


13. Whole lotta' loving 


14. The beauty in the silence 


15. Growing and nurturing together 


16. Being weird is an asset 


17. The kiss of life  


18. Everything changes but love 


19. Come 'hair', my love!


20. The sweet embrace of freedom 


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