Artist from Berlin uses lego bricks to fix broken structures around the world.

Artist from Berlin uses lego bricks to fix broken structures around the world.

Jan Vormann a German artist has been fixing breaking and aging structures around the world using lego blocks since 2007.

Lego is usually considered as a toy that toddlers and youngsters play with. However, time and again artists around the world have shown us that it is much more than that. The possibilities of what can be accomplished with the colorful stackable blocks are infinite and by no means restricted by age.




Jan Vormann is one of the people who has figured this out and has been artfully using Lego to repair buildings around the world and the results are truly amazing.




He has been steadily making his mark on the world one Lego at a time.




Vormann has collectively named his projects dispatch work which can be spotted in multiple places around the world. He has come up with an interactive WordPress website for it as well where viewers can interact with him and look at his art where there were once cracks and crevices in damaged walls, you'll now find vivid, playful, and colorful building blocks.



Every single piece comes together for a great design. He also shared the locations of his current Lego repairs through his interactive Dispatchwork website.




His mission, he says, is to aim at "childhood-memories in abstract shapes and vivid colors, towards a global collaboration of persons unknown to each other."




Dispatchwork is not something exclusive for Vormann. His fans have been adding their own Lego repairs to Dispatchwork since 2007. Apart from being a great artist, the guy is a trendsetter.




He is the literal Yoda of Lego-building.

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