Another Odd Combo Debate Says Watermelon Tastes Better With Salt On it.

Another Odd Combo Debate Says Watermelon Tastes Better With Salt On it.

A Southern U.S. tradition to salt watermelons has lit up a debate on the internet and it says salt makes watermelon taste sweeter and better by igniting a salty sweet contrast that pushes the sweetness of the melon to stand out.

With summer coming up we have a lot of fruits coming our way and that includes some fleshy and juicy watermelons that are super refreshing and full of nice juice. This is the best fruit in summers especially for areas that are extremely hot. But what we found on the internet is something interesting and a bit questionable at the same time.




A crazy watermelon and salt combo was something that lit up some real serious debates on the Internet. And what we saw was that quite a lot of people are doing this especially when we see the Southern U.S.

People seemed to enjoy salt sprinkled on a crispy-cold slice of melon and it looks like it brings out its sweetness, and just makes it taste better. But like all the great debates between Republican vs. Democrat, crunchy vs. smooth, there appears to be no middle ground for this too. 


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For those of us who are already in on this crazy combo, salted watermelon goes together like peanut butter and jelly. But for people who’ve never tried it, salt on watermelon is akin to ketchup on the cake. They’d never dream of it. 



But this debate also opened up some other combos with fruits as well. But watermelon with some sprinkled salt on it looks tempting and could be tried at some point.



Still, those of us who salt watermelon is not any highly evolved beings. Instead, salty on sweet is simply a taste that some of us are conditioned to find pleasurable. So this is understandable. So if you are someone who tries out some odd combos then this one is something for you that could turn out to be good as well.

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