Animals Seen Exploring The World While Humans Are In Isolation.

Animals Seen Exploring The World While Humans Are In Isolation.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, humans have decided to stay at home. Animals have seen this as an opportunity and are now exploring the cities having the time of their lives.

The coronavirus lockdown has benefited the animals who are now seen wandering through the empty streets in many parts of the world. Many people share pictures of animals such as deers, monkeys, and even wild boars invading their hometowns. The animals are seen with their babies carefreely roaming around looking for food and enjoying their time alone.

1. Animals from around the world are confused due to the lockdown and are enjoying the empty streets

Animals from many countries have gotten out on the roads from the wild and are seen exploring and playing on the empty streets. Though this coronavirus pandemic has panicked everyone it looks like the animals have finally gotten some space and can now enjoy the world by themselves.

In Nara, Japan, a whole group of deer was seen playing on the empty roads.


Twitter | @okadennis 


2. According to one Twitter user @okadennis, it's now a daily occurrence to see them grazing on the grass around their neighborhood




3. The deers are now exploring the city since they are no cars and other scary things on the streets these days




4. Recently, a huge crowd of agitated monkeys was seen swarming through the street in Thailand


Reddit | Sasaluk Rattanachai 


5. Lack of tourists can also be one reason for the animals to come on the streets

A report from Reuters says that locals are continuing to feed the monkeys and they aren't in danger of starving.



6. In Italy, wild boars were seen with their babies on the roads


Tumblr | taylorswifh 


7. In some town in Italy, these sheep were seen wandering around


Tumblr | bi-until-theday-idie 


8. A random confused horse appeared in someone's neighborhood


Tumblr | dopo-magari-lo-cambio 


9. The story of these cute elephants who drank corn wine is unfortunately fake

Recently, a very funny story about 14 elephants breaking into a village and drinking corn wine got viral. Later, this story turned out to be sadly untrue.


Twitter | @Spilling_The_T 


10. Another tweet about fish and swans returning to the Venice canals turned out to be fake

The water did get clean and clearer due to the lack of pollution. But the swans and fishes have always been a part of the Venice canals. They didn't return to the water as they never left.


Twitter | @ikaveri 



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