Animal Shelter Home Becomes Famous For Naming Their Pet Cats The Most Unique Names

Animal Shelter Home Becomes Famous For Naming Their Pet Cats The Most Unique Names

Do you want an inspiration to name your cat? Well, you have landed at the right place. This shelter home “Austin Pets Alive” is going to give you some amazing ideas for naming your pet and if you have already named one, then be ready to get in competition with their purfect names!

Dutch chocolate, Itsy bitsy spider and Chicken noodle! Hearing these words one would imagine an adorable Disney character or name of some delicious food item. But people you are wrong here because these super cute names belong to the rescue cats of an animal shelter called Austin Pets Alive! Yes, you heard it right. The Austin Pets Alive has recently caught attention of the public because of the bizarre yet unique names of their rescue animals. These are all super adorable names that belong to their shelter cats. These names not only entertained us and made us laugh out loud but also intrigued us to know more about the cats. Since we have enjoyed so much hearing the eccentric names, we have collected some of the names in the gallery for your fun. So people enjoy the cuteness overloaded gallery while it lasts!



Bored Panda had an interview with the Katera Berent of Austin Shelter, to have a better understanding behind these unique and eccentric names and know more about their rescue home. Katera said, “Austin Pets Alive! opened its doors as an animal shelter in 2008. We believe in the ‘No Kill’ mission — that every pet deserves a chance at life. We created seven lifesaving programs to target those demographics of animals that were disproportionately killed in traditional shelter settings, and because of that and our work with our city's municipal shelter, the city of Austin is at a 98% save rate.”
Katera was asked her favorite pet names so far, she responded, “That's a tough one, because there are so many great cat names here! My current favorite is Nude Molerat, but Asparagus 25 and Baguette are close seconds.”





Austin Pets Alive Katera has a bit of advice for those who are willing to adopt their beloved animals, “Work with our matchmakers and adoption counselors on what you are looking for in a pet! We have so many deserving animals here at Austin Pets Alive!, so our teams are excited and ready to find your purrfect match.” Katera also says that because of their unique names they have managed to capture media attention but unfortunately they are still waiting to see more adoptions. “People are more attuned to how we name our cats, but we haven't seen an uptick in adoption.”



Katera also explained the story behind the adorable names of their cats. She explained the order they follow in naming their cats. “It's great to see more people aware of how accessible it is to adopt cats and kittens, though, and to see our pets get the attention we think they deserve! The kittens that people have been noticing (like Glycolysis 6) are named that way because of our Neonatal Nursery,” Katera explained. “We save the most vulnerable lives in Central Texas — neonatal kittens — where most shelters euthanize them due to a lack of resources. Litters of kittens are named in alphabetical order, with the number attributed based on how many times we've been through the alphabet that year. As of this morning, we're up to H 24!”



Austin Pets Alive has explained themselves as “not an average shelter home” on their website and states that it pioneers “innovative lifesaving programs designed to save the animals most at risk of euthanasia.” Now that’s a mission statement a lot of us can get behind. The shelter is popular, with over 146,500 followers on Facebook, 67,300 fans on Instagram and 28,600 devotees on Twitter.



Austin Pet Alive's tradition of naming their felines with the unique yet adorable names has become quite famous among the public. While many people think the idea is good to capture attention to promote their rescue animals' adoption among the public, some were less impressed. It was because of this reason, the shelter stepped out to explain the logic behind naming their rescues with these extraordinary names. For the purpose, Katera explains, “Austin Pets Alive! names thousands of kittens and cats a year. If we went with traditional names each time, imagine how many calicos named Callie we’d have, or black cats named Midnight? It’s much easier to find Atomic Toaster in our system versus searching through 20 different cats all with the same name. We believe the more unique the name, the better because it ensures you’re talking about the right cat.”































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