Animal shelter comes up with incredible maternity shoots to help pregnant dogs find Fur-ever homes.

Animal shelter comes up with incredible maternity shoots to help pregnant dogs find Fur-ever homes.

Animal shelter in Virginia came up with a brilliant idea to conduct maternity shoots for pregnant dogs to get them adopted.

Humans usually like things that are edgy or are presented in a certain intriguing way, even when its about adopting a pet from an animal shelter.
Over the past we have seen many pets being adopted that have been publicized in a way that is different than normal. We all might remember the cat that kept fleeing his shelter. He was soon adopted due to one of his videos that went viral.

Even though one Virginia animal shelter didn't have a similar bid for publicity in mind when they found themselves with an unusual number of pregnant dogs, one worker's idea has since snowballed into something big.
One fine day two volunteer workers at the animal shelter went to pick up a dog Shelly. When she was brought to the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Fairfax Station, Virginia after being dumped at a rural shelter it was clear that she was in the late stages of pregnancy.



When her foster carers Debbie Patten and Sarah Pope picked her up, shelter's adoptioncoordinator Lauren Tavar told them they should hold a maternity shoot. Although Tavar was joking, Pope took the whole thing seriously and choreographed a magical maternity shoot for the canine.



Its a good thing she was so eager to do it because Shelley would end up having her puppies two days after she was brought to the foster home. The new mommy gave birth to 10 healthy puppies and has even found a permanent home in the time since the shoot.



Tavar said,

“This is one of the first times that the mama dog has found a home before any of the puppies so that's really exciting.”

The success of this story inspired the shelter to try the idea again with some other pregnant dogs in their care. Here is a picture from 14-year-old sassy’s shoot who soon gave birth to 12 puppies. She has not been adopted though.



The third maternity shoot was held for Fiona here, who has found her forever home.



The same is also true of her puppies, Shelley's, and Sassy's.

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Article Source: Diply

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