An OnlyFans Model Promises Free Breast Enlargements if She is Successfully Elected.

An OnlyFans Model Promises Free Breast Enlargements if She is Successfully Elected.

An OnlyFans model turned politician promised something out of the political spectrum (read: free breast enlargements) if she gets elected

An OnlyFans model is set out to do something completely out of the ordinary in the political world. She is running for office in Mexico and is promising something a little left of centre (and we're not talking about the political spectrum). 

Rocio Pino is gunning for Mexico's Chamber of Deputies and she's promised to give women a breast augmentation for free. Yes, you heard us right!

Ms Pino, who also goes by the name La Grosera (which means The Rude One in Spanish), has made her campaign grasp the attention of a huge audience since she has been slogging out a bunch of catchy campaign slogans like 'Give your mum t**s', 'With me, your vote counts for two' and 'Because a woman with t**s is an empowered woman'.



Well, to make women comfortable, she started with her own body and also posted photos of her topless and pregnant to show her solidarity to working mums around the country.

Ms Pino is running with the Progressive Social Networks party, which only launched last year. She has her eyes set on becoming federal deputy for the state of Sonora when Mexicans head to polling stations this weekend.

She's been openly critical about the current administration and wants to usher in a new era for people all across her country.

The political hopeful wrote on Twitter:

"The country needs deputies who do not have particular interests, much less the President. Always put the benefit of Mexicans before any particular interest, vote for me to achieve that balance and independence of the executive and legislative power."

In another tweet, the 33-year-old said:

"What we least need right now are more traditional, corrupt and male-chauvinist politicians."


But when she was asked about her campaign pledge for free breast jobs, she didn't shy away from the promise.

She told the Daily Star:

"[My] election promise is to guarantee free breast augmentation for all women, with women who have undergone mastectomy given priority."

Rocio has also pledged to include trans women in that promise and help them achieve top surgery without having to fork out for it themselves.

She added to Efe:

"Women have not been asked what we want. Nobody has. If you go out and ask: 'Would you like plastic surgery?' We are all going to say yes."

If she does manage to get elected, she's pinky sweared to keep running her OnlyFans account because 'I make too much money there'.

Article Source: LAD bible

Image Source: Twitter

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