An Austrian man was fined €500 for farting loudly around police officers deliberately.

An Austrian man was fined €500 for farting loudly around police officers deliberately.

A man from Austria was recently fined a lot of money for 'Provocatively Farting at Police'. He got the fine reduced after filing for an appeal.

Sometimes, we cannot really guess what is going on in some people’s minds. This situation is pretty similar to that. A man from Austria was recently fined €500 for farting loudly around police officers deliberately. His offense was, 'Provocatively Farting at Police'.

Soon after he was fined, he filed an appeal and got the fine reduced to €100. The unidentified man was whacked with a fine in Vienna after 'offending public decency' by 'farting provocatively' at police in June last year.

Soon after that, he challenged the fine. I can only imagine the type of hearing that would have been. The man told the courts that breaking wind was merely a 'biological process' - well, you can't argue with that, I suppose.




He even argued that even if he had done it deliberately, his fart was covered by freedom of expression. In Austria, freedom of expression is not limited to just speech, but also covers noises and communication in other forms. However, the sound must have 'communicative intent' which apparently, the guy’s fart didn't, according to the court. Nevertheless, the court decided to reduce the fine by €400, taking into account his lack of criminal record.


According to the judge, although the breaking wind is technically a form of communication it was a 'form of expression that transcends the boundaries of decency. The action was branded 'ridiculous but the judge also said he only had 'average culpability' for the offense.


Talking about this, Paul Eberstaller, university assistant at the Juridicum said,

“If a private person had been a 'victim' in this case, public decency would not be violated. In addition, the authorities would probably not pursue complaints from private individuals. At the same time, legal protection is often lacking in the event of actual problems.”

At the time of the offense, the police force posted on Twitter to reassure people that 'no one is reported for accidentally letting one go once'. They went on to say the man had acted 'provocatively and uncooperatively' during the incident, which took place on a park bench. The force claimed the man stood up, looked directly at the officers and 'let go a massive intestinal wind apparently with full intent' after he was asked to confirm his identity.

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Article Source: LadBible

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