An Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Will Cuddle You To Sleep Every Night At This Hotel!

An Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Will Cuddle You To Sleep Every Night At This Hotel!

If there's one thing that everybody loves, regardless of their age, it's vacations. But is there any possible way to make an already-loved occasion even better? This hotel claims so!

Vacations – everybody cherishes them! After all, they allow us to head to places we have never been and enjoy experiences that we have never had.

And if your concept of a fantasy getaway is going to a snow-filled place and having some chilled fun, you might need to think about arranging an outing to Aspen, Colorado, immediately! 

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As much fun as getting away from the mundane life sounds, however, the primary drawback to voyaging is that occasionally our furry companions can't accompany us. While we have a few pet sitters we know and trust, it's simply not similar when our darling pets aren't there to share the experience with us.

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As we completely understand the pain of pet-owners, we'd like to help in any way possible. In this case, by searching for lodgings that permit pets, and luckily, we've discovered a stunning one in Aspen.

The St. Regis Aspen Resort is certainly a lavish lodging with their own one-of-a-kind spa, astonishing eateries, and suites with marble restrooms and custom leather beds. However, they have one other genuinely extraordinary advantage – their very own pet dog! 



Yes, the hotel has adopted a Bernese Mountain dog named Kitty Jacob Astor IV. This is the first run through ever that the Aspen property has had a resident dog. Kitty is named after the St. Regis' Hotel originator, John Jacob Astor IV, who had a pooch named Kitty.

Kitty was conceived in July 2018, and around Christmas, the lodging declared that the pooch would formally live there. It was their own one-of-a-kind Christmas present.



Kitty has his special Instagram page where you can see him playing in the snow, connecting with lodging visitors and running down the inn's lobbies. Kitty additionally assists with the kids' story time, visitor airplane terminal entries and is even accessible to wish visitors goodnight.



While you can surely appreciate cooperating with Kitty amid your stay at the St. Regis Aspen Resort, that doesn't imply that you can't carry your own cherished pet with you.

The lodging invites dogs and even has numerous civilities only for them. There's a one-time $75 expense and a $25 everyday charge per room to carry your pets with you, however, since that is per room and not per pet, that implies that in the event that you have numerous cats, you'll still just have the one charge.



On the off chance that you want to take your dog(s) with you to appreciate the snow, the lodging likewise offers dog climbing vests, dog booties, dog bearers, and more luxuries to ensure that your pet can completely seize its day outside in the open. What else can a pet-lover ask for? 



And in the event that you want to wander out without your pet once in a while, the lodging additionally offers dog strolling and dog sitting services.

Upon entry, visitors with pets will likewise be presented with a pooch bed and a puppy bowl. There are even select menu choices for pets. So, now you can enjoy your vacations with your best friend, and guilt-free! 


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