A Large Number of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows.

A Large Number of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows.

Millions of Americans wonder, “Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?” Surprisingly, it is one of the frequently asked questions on the Innovation Center for US Dairy’s website. The surveys tell us more about Americans' beliefs regarding chocolate milk.

Innovation Center for Food and Dairy asked Americans for their knowledge about milk. We are surprised by the result of the survey. 48% of participants didn’t even know where the chocolate milk comes from. Or they didn't care to know about it. 
More shockingly, 7% were such people who thought chocolate milk came from brown cows. Yes, it sounds funny but you heard it right!



A similar survey in 2017 was conducted on 1,000 people; IFLScience multiplied that figure for the whole US population. It was estimated that about 16.4 million Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, which is actually a big figure, isn't it?


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Apart from myths about milk, the response was astonishing when Americans were asked about their milk-drinking habits,
While 37% of people said they drank milk straight out of the container, 29% said they used their kids as an excuse to buy chocolate milk to drink for themselves. Either way, they were drinking milk, which is important. However, 5% said that don’t drink milk at all!
The survey tells us that the major proportion of people loves drinking (chocolate) milk, whether they have knowledge about it or not. After all, the flavor and benefits remain the same both ways.



The studies revealed some shocking (and weird at the same time) facts about Americans, but still, we don't know the exact conditions of the survey. So, the results cannot be considered for the whole population. In fact, some Americans might know about chocolate milk very well. Do you do too?


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