Amazon Driver Rescues Abandoned Baby On A Street And Reunites Him With His Parents After Carjacking.

Amazon Driver Rescues Abandoned Baby On A Street And Reunites Him With His Parents After Carjacking.

A baby found on a lonely street in his car chair by an Amazon driver who was delivering packages in the area. Later it was found the baby happened to be there in a carjacking incident.

On a fine day, when Juan Carlos Flores was doing his delivery for Amazon which was his usual job since the start of the pandemic last year. But something unusual happened on Jan. 18 when he had a wrench thrown into his regular delivery route in Houston.




That day Flores was working in Houston's Sunnyside neighborhood when he came across a 5-month-old baby, abandoned on the other side of the road. He was surprised by what he had just seen as there are no children and people seen on that side. 


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Later it was known that it was an apparent carjacking incident and the guy who stole the car had left the baby there 20 minutes before Juan Carlos found him.


ABC 11


When the CCTV footage from neighbors was obtained the outlet revealed the extremely heartbreaking way the baby had ended upon that lonely street. It was clear how a man driving a stolen car pulled over that street and left him by the curb in its carseat.



The Amazon driver described how awfully broken he felt looking at the little baby as he himself is a father. He further said, "When I went close to the baby, I wanted to cry, because I was like, 'It's impossible the baby can be here on the side of the street alone,'" 


Juan Carlos Flores via GMA


The baby spent a little over 20 minutes alone there and anything could have happened but it seems someone took care of him. Before Flores arrived and rescued him, six other vehicles passed by, and they were probably unaware of the situation.

Flores inquired in the nearby neighbourhood if anyone knew the child but no one did and at the end he called the police. The police was already looking for the missing child hence the mother was ultimately reunited with her little son and all the thanks to Flores, who called this baby's rescue "the best thing that's happened to me in my job." The Houston Police Department, then started searching for the carjacking suspect.

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