Alex Rodriguez launches a men's make-up line after his breakup with Jennifer Lopez.

Alex Rodriguez launches a men's make-up line after his breakup with Jennifer Lopez.

Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player, introduced makeup for men on May 21 following his reported break-up with Jennifer Lopez last April.

In an attempt to move on from his emotional pain after his break-up with Jennifer Lopez, the popular baseball star has launched a new business idea just weeks after the break-up.

With Hims and Hers, the cosmetics business in which he and Lopez have been investors since 2020, he launched a concealer for men called "Blur Stick."


In his post on Instagram, he said:

Working with the Hims & Hers team, I wanted to create a product that solved an issue I faced every day.
I realized as I was jumping from meeting to meeting, I needed something quick and easy in my routine to conceal blemishes or razor bumps. That's why I am excited to share a new @Hims product - The Blur Stick.
"It's a convenient concealer specifically designed for men that can be used for skin imperfections. Check it out, I think you'll be surprised how often it comes in handy."





Courtesy by Hims & Hers



The product costs $17 and comes in eight different and vibrant shades. Aloe extract and jojoba seed oil are among the ingredients in the "sleek, discreet" formula, which help to relieve and moisturize the skin.

To apply the paste, dab a small amount on your finger or directly on your forehead, then rub it in to conceal spots, patches, and blemishes.

The following is the product description: "To stand out, blend in. You would feel better if you look your best." The Blur Stick was designed to assist you in doing just that.

"There for you in a pinch or for everyday use, consider it a final touch that makes all the difference. Whether you're getting ready to go out or prepping for another video call, do it with confidence and a complexion you're proud of."

According to The Mirror, A-Rod and Lopez ended their four-year relationship last month. Thanks to the continuing pandemic, the couple's wedding were forced to be postponed three times.




Announcing their breakup last month, the pair told the TODAY show:

"We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects."


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