Alena Kravchenko grew her hair for 29 years to look like a real-life Rapunzel

Alena Kravchenko grew her hair for 29 years to look like a real-life Rapunzel

Alena Kravchenko, a Ukrainian girl, known for her natural blonde hair, has been growing her locks for more than 29 years now. She has been dubbed as the real-life Rapunzel thanks to her 6 feet long hair.

Alena Kravchenko, 34, of Odesa, Ukraine, has been working on growing her mane since the age of 5. This 34-year-old mother of twins started her journey of fame last year when she created an Instagram account under the handle @alenuwka_longhair. Within a year, her long, golden locks attracted more than 13000 followers.




Women dream about having long, luscious locks; however, this only comes down to patience and effort. Alena Kravchenko is the prime example of how only patience and persistence can get you where you want. Her struggle with her hair was backed by constant encouragement from her mother.



Kravchenko has not cut her hair for more than 30 years despite her hair outgrowing her height of 5′6″. The most commendable part is, she is still adamant that she will not get a haircut and will keep on growing the mane she has so gracefully carried throughout the years.




While talking about her hair, she said, 

My love for my braid is so strong that for a second in my whole life, I did not think about a haircut. I cannot see and cannot imagine myself with short hair or dyed in a different color. It’s not hard for me with my hair, nor the constant care of them; it’s all a joy because this is part of me — my beauty and wealth

When asked for a few tips regarding hair growth, Alena explained,

The main thing that I never do: I don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer, I don’t use curling irons, I don’t comb my wet hair (they dry naturally), it’s all taboo. I wash my hair once a week, use natural masks, various types of oils to nourish my hair; the main care is professional cosmetics. I definitely use dried fruits, nuts, and homemade cottage cheese

Even though her Instagram is all about hair and hair products, Alena gives us a life lesson that persistence, consistency, and patience can take us wherever we want.

Image Source: alenuwka_longhair Instagram

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