After dumping her boyfriend, this 24-year-old is living the van life with her furry friend.

After dumping her boyfriend, this 24-year-old is living the van life with her furry friend.

Sydney Ferbrache, a 24-year-old American citizen, went on to live her travel dreams with her puppy Ella after she dumped her boyfriend. Sydney has traveled more than 20 states and will keep going on to inspire more women to follow their dreams.

Inspired by another girl’s Instagram feed, Sydney Ferbrache, a 24-year-old girl, decided to travel around the country while living from a van. Her full-time companion is her four-legged friend Ella, a golden retriever.




Ferbrache started her journey in September 2017 with her then-boyfriend, however, after their breakup in 2018, she decided to work three jobs on top of side gigs to save for her own van. This Indiana-based traveler started her journey as a lone traveler after she modified a van to accommodate homely amenities with an investment of $10,000.



Even though it looks like Sydney is living her life, she actually wants to become a role model for all the women around the world. After defying all notions of solo travels being unsafe for women, she went on solo travels throughout the country.




While talking to bored panda, Sydney said, 

The thing I love most about traveling is getting to experience different people and cultures. Nature is insanely beautiful, and getting to spend time outside every day is nothing but a gift. However, getting to spend time on native lands and learn about the people who live there from those very people is the best learning experience I could ask for

The pair has traveled 20 states across the US and is still on the embarked journey. They plan on traveling through the whole country defying all odds.




Image Source: divineontheroad instagram

Source: Bored Panda

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