After beating Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul declares to retire as the "Greatest Boxer on the Planet".

After beating Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul declares to retire as the "Greatest Boxer on the Planet".

Logan Paul's battle against Floyd Mayweather Jr. is expected to earn him enough money to retire on, which he could very well do.

Logan Paul has declared that he will retire as the 'best fighter on the planet' if he defeats Floyd Mayweather in the ring this weekend.

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So far, Logan Paul has only fought once professionally, losing to fellow YouTuber KSI, whereas Mayweather is widely recognized as one of the greatest boxers of all time, with an undefeated 50-fight record.



Mayweather has also fought everyone from Ricky Hatton to Manny Pacquiao, as well as Canelo Alvarez, the current pound-for-pound champion.

He defeated them all, but Logan Paul believes he will triumph where they failed.

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"He doesn't know who he's getting in the ring with," Paul remarked, in what was clearly not - honestly - an attempt to boost pay-per-view sales ahead of their fight at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, which airs live in the UK in the early hours of Monday morning (7 June).

"He really thinks I'm a YouTuber, he really thinks I'm a fake fighter and I get it.
"Everything I portray online says the same thing, but we really are about this life now.
"Floyd underestimating me is going to hurt him, I think.
"I want Floyd to bring his belts, all of them because I'm going to knock him out and become the greatest boxer on the planet.
"Then I'm going to retire, buy some land in upstate New York and not give Floyd the rematch."

Obviously, Paul must enter the fight with the belief that he can at the very least hold his own. If he didn't, it would be a complete waste of time to continue the fight.



It's one thing to brag ahead of a fight for PPV ratings, but it's quite another to back it up in the ring.

Maybe he's attempting to boost those numbers by attracting folks who just want to see Mayweather go after him?

Furthermore, Paul recently confessed that he has no idea what the regulations of the exhibition match are.

He told the True Geordie podcast:

"I don't know how this is possible but I do not know.
"I'm hearing 10oz, 12oz [gloves]. I'm hearing eight rounds, I'm hearing three minutes, I'm hearing two minutes, I don't f***ing know.
"We're prepared for anything. We did a legit proper camp. We're doing hard sparring rounds, 10-12 rounds, three different guys, we're ready.
"We've got a group of pros [to spar with].
 "Some guys are brawlers, some guys are boxers. We try to get guys who can emulate Floyd, or at least keep the pace for small guys."

"Honestly every look we can, we get pros, solid, solid boxers. I sparred a couple of times, Jean-Pascal, who is on the undercard actually. It's great to work, tough guy.
"He was already here in Puerto Rico training, happened to be in the same gym and we got a couple of sessions in."



Whether he understands the rules or not, he'll find out in a few days when he steps into the ring in Miami.

The fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will be broadcast live on Sky Box Office.

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