After arresting the delivery guy for drug driving the officers delivered the kebabs to hungry customers.

After arresting the delivery guy for drug driving the officers delivered the kebabs to hungry customers.

Policing officers in the UK delivered the meal to the customer after they arrested the person who was originally supposed to deliver it.

A few days back, a road policing officer from the Thames Valley Police department was patrolling the streets when he came across a person who was breaking a couple of road rules.
The Woodley, Berkshire resident was delivering kebabs to a customer however, he neither had a driving license not was in a sane state of mind. According to a tweet by the department, the driver was drugged and even lied about the details of his insurance. On top of this, the carโ€™s tires were worn off and the cord was exposed.



Hence, on account of driving under the influence of drugs, he was arrested and the police seized his car. While looking for evidence, the police found a delivery package in the car. While committing a string of offenses, the individual was going to deliver the middle eastern cuisine โ€˜kebabsโ€™ to a customer who was just three houses away from where the driver was pulled over.



So, before taking the offender to the station, the police decided to deliver the kebabs. They thought there was no reason for the customer to go hungry. The customer was super surprised to see the police at his door instead of the delivery boy. However, he definitely appreciated the effort.

Details of the incident were shared by one of the police offers on Twitter via the official Thames Valley police account.




As soon as the tweet was shared, it gained traction and started going viral.

Many people were pretty amused by the gesture. This one user commented, โ€œWould love to have seen the look on the face of the person you delivered the kebab to.โ€




While another said if something of the sort happened in India, they would have shared the kebabs and blame the delivery guy. Another asked if the policemen received a tip.

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Article source: Unilad, News18

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