After A Depressing Decade, This Model With Vitiligo Learnt To Accept Himself.

After A Depressing Decade, This Model With Vitiligo Learnt To Accept Himself.

This Brazillian model developed vitiligo when he was 23, and after almost a decade of fighting with himself and the world he finally embraced himself and now the world is loving him raw and without any makeup!

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes white patches all over the body; it can appear at any age but doesn't harm your appearance or does something bad. It's completely natural and harmless. But people who have this issue are made to believe that they look odd and so much worse. 

Just like that, Roger Monter is a 37-year-old model based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He developed this skin disease at 23 and people around him forced him to believe that he was very less and ugly. He faced many life challenges, his friends left him, he had to go through a lot of trauma everyday and at the end he just isolated himself. 




It took him around a decade to accept who he really is and he has to stop hiding behind makeup and avoiding any situation that would reveal his secret. He went through a lot alone and didn't have the courage to face the world. 




He kept blaming himself for his skin condition too after learning it can be aggravated by stress. Strangers avoided getting close to him as they believed it was contagious and what not. Some had the courage to shower him with ill-mannered remarks about his appearance to such an extent that he couldn’t stand looking at himself in the mirror. 




Gradually things got better, he changed his friend circle, met new people and things started to get better. He got the media's attention when he posted his raw photo without any makeup or filter and got overwhelming support of people. 




Also, he caught the attention of some photographers who were looking for such unique appearances. And now he is a unique and famous Brazilian model wjo have embraced himself with true love and helps people like him to face the world and accept themselves. 

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