After 1999, 2020 Was The Year When No Rhinos Were Poached In Kenya, KWS Reports.

After 1999, 2020 Was The Year When No Rhinos Were Poached In Kenya, KWS Reports.

After 21 years the record of zero Rhinos poached in Kenya was achieved again with the help of the Kenyan Wildlife Services who play a vital role in protecting wildlife in Kenya. Most importantly, they served in the COVID-19 lockdown and saved the animals.

Although 2020 has been a tough year for all of us and we had to face myriad challenges, let it be in the health sector, financial or personal losses. But still, there is some good news that we heard a few days back about Rhinos in Kenya. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) made a  statement and shared this good news with us that no rhino was poached in the year 2020. That surely is a rare occurrence to be witnessed in the country since 1999, that is 21 years! 




The wildlife is so endangered in Kenya that the Kenya Wildlife Services had to tighten their services in the COVID-19 lockdown too. Although there were a very small number of tourists at that time, the risk of poachers attacking increased as they thought it to be a good chance. But, fortunately the security was good and no rhino was poached in the year 2020.

According to the latest poaching statistics from KWS, poaching is at an all-time low since the beginning of COVID-19 that saw travel bans in many African countries.




In a statement, KWS Director-General Brigadier (Rtd) John Waweru said: "Rhino poaching has reduced from a high of 59 cases in 2013 when poaching was at its peak to zero poaching in 2020.”

The credit of this wonderful achievement in reducing rhino poaching goes to the stakeholders, anti-poaching and intelligence-led operations and the teams that worked extremely well to protect wildlife.




Furthermore, KWS said there were increased cases of human-wildlife conflicts and an increased threat of poaching too due to rising demand for agricultural land and space for human settlement. But still they have achieved a milestone and would work like this to bring everything right on track like this.

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Article source: Diply

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