Adorable 'Hippie Bus Succulent Planters' That Will Make You Smile When You Feel Down.

Adorable 'Hippie Bus Succulent Planters' That Will Make You Smile When You Feel Down.

These new 'Hippie Bus Succulent Planters' are here to bring happiness and plenty of flower power into your life.

Anyone who loves plants might know about the ever-increasing popularity of succulent plants. They make such cute home decors and give life to the corners of your home.

When you thought, they couldn't be anymore cuter, these "hippie van succulent planters" by Succulent Artworks prove you wrong as they enter your life to bring more happiness and flower power.

1. These 'hippie van succulent planters' have such a happy vibe that even one glance at them will make you feel good

You thought you have got enough plants and might avoid buying new ones? Well, wait till you lay eyes on these very happy succulent planters. It's so not easy to stop smiling while looking at these succulent planters.


Succulent Artworks 


2. These Volkswagen hippie bus-inspired planters will look adorable with your other plants 

These planters come in two colors that are yellow and green. They are decorated with vibrant color flowers and a 'hippy' license plate.


Succulent Artworks 


3. A smiley face is drawn at the front of the bus and the sides are painted with colorful flowers


Succulent Artworks 


4. These planters come with colorful succulents and moss which means you don't even have to do any potting

The green ones are currently sold out but you can still shop the yellow planters from here and make your life extra colorful.


Succulent Artworks 

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