Adorable Cat Lets Owner Know Its Dinner Time by Playing His Very Own Tiny Piano.

Adorable Cat Lets Owner Know Its Dinner Time by Playing His Very Own Tiny Piano.

Whenever the 7-year-old Winslow needs food or is craving for his owner’s attention, he goes to his tiny piano to play tunes. How adorable!

Every cat has a unique way of interacting with its owner. Where some prefer using their murder mittens, other cats prefer meow-ing at the top of their voice to let their owners know what they need. My three cats belong to the latter category.
However, the 7-year-old Winslow uses neither of these tactics. He has his very own miniature piano that he uses to grab his owner’s attention. This is such an amazing idea to be honest.



The little chonky fellow gained fame after a video of him playing the piano went viral. He owner Kate Nyx, shared a video to Twitter showing his impatient piano playing in action.




According to the video, upon deciding it was dinner time, two hours prior to the actual time, Winslow approached the instrument and began pawing at the keys, performing a song that is most likely  titled, "Feed Me Now."
In the caption of the video, Kate explained that despite Winslow's insistence, dinner wasn't actually for another two hours.



In the video, Kate can be heard talking to Winslow. She said, “Is it time for dinner?” and the feline confirmed it with an adorable meow. However, when Kate tells him that he won’t get dinner for the next two hours, the kitty starts rubbing his head on the keys before playing "You're Wrong, Give Me Food," a follow-up to his original song.

In an interview, Kate revealed she actually taught Winslow to tickle the ivories instead of using his voice to get what he wants.
She said,

“He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, ‘this is no good’. The piano is another way to communicate, so he’s not screaming bloody murder. It’s his alarm system in general. He learned that I encourage moving his paws up and down the keyboard, so he does that when he really wants something.”

Winslow also plays on the piano when his litter box needs to be cleaned, or when he simply wants some pets.




Since his original video went viral, Kate has since uploaded another featuring Winslow playing a piano solo in her new song, "Bean Gotta Scream."




Understandably, the people of the internet have declared the song a smash hit.

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Article Source: Diply

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