Adorable Casque-Headed Tree Frogs have a permanent duck face and are super tiny

Adorable Casque-Headed Tree Frogs have a permanent duck face and are super tiny

Despite common belief, frogs can also be cute, tiny, adorable, and everything nice.

Most animal lovers believe that amphibians and reptiles cannot look cute and are not human friendly. This school of thought is completely baseless, and I have a contender today who is here to prove my point.
Meet the Casque-Headed Tree Frog that is tiny, very tiny, adorable, cute, everything nice, and has a permanent duck face. Can you resist that? I know I cannot.




Just look at that adorable smile.



This is a Yucatecan Casque-headed Tree Frog, Triprion petasatus. They are native to the Yucatan Peninsula and have a very distinctive head.
Due to their distinctive head, they are called Casque-headed. For those who don’t know, “Casque” is another word for a helmet. If you look closely, there’s a distinct line where the skin of the body meets, giving it a helmet-like look.




Moving on to the very cute little mouth that makes me think of the classic selfie “Duck Face” trend.
Please don’t confuse them with Bruno’s Casque-headed Frog, Aparasphenodon brunoi. Where these little cuties are friendly and adorable, Brunois are highly venomous.



Although, they are very popular in pet trade markets. Fortunately, they are not at any risk of extinction. You can easily bring one home via a reptile breeder. They are not hard to take care of.
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Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram

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