Adele Reveals Her Impressive American Accent While Debut Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'.

Adele Reveals Her Impressive American Accent While Debut Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'.

Adele reveals her perfectly surprising American accent while her debut for hosting. She is equally nervous and excited to host the show this saturday.

The 15-time Grammy winner Adele remains in the news somehow. Previously, her amazing weight loss has amused the fans and they couldn't believe the transformation. After her major weight loss, she appeared for the first time live on Saturday Night Live which was a hosting debut for her. 




Things turned out quite amazing for her in her debut performance of hosting the show last week and what shocked the people was her American accent. The fans were so excited to see her as a host that Adele too was overwhelmed with the response. 

Adele actually showed off her American accent quite confidently in the first promo for her hosting debut on last week’s Saturday Night Live.


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The London-born 32-year-old music star demonstrated her dialect after SNL cast member Kate McKinnon said a thing in a dodgy English accent. To which Adele gladly responded in a whole American accent.




The Grammy-winning singer wore a plum sparkly satin top with black pants that showed off her slender figure which she has now achieved. Also, she and the other two ladies wore a mask for the promo, which revolves around confusing HER vocals and not herself.



She also looked back on her first appearance on the show, SNL which was almost a decade ago. 




Adele expressed her emotions on her Instagram post last Sunday, captioning "Bloooooody hellllll I’m so excited about this!! And also absolutely terrified!" 

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