Actor who played Dudley in Harry Potter movies says fans don’t recognize him after weight loss.

Actor who played Dudley in Harry Potter movies says fans don’t recognize him after weight loss.

The Harry Potter movies star Harry Melling recently said that his fans have a hard time recognizing him after his weight loss.

Harry Melling, known for his role as Dudley Dursely in the Harry Potter movies, looks very different than how he did in the movies. He owes this change in his appearance to puberty and the noticeable weight loss.




He is one of the actors of the industry who went through a striking transformation. In a recent interview, the 31-year-old admitted that he does not get recognized by fans due to the physical transformation.In recent years, his appearance has been a far cry from his days on the Harry Potter set as the incredibly spoiled Dudley Dursley in the immensely popular British franchise.




He was first seen on the big screen in 2001 as he made his debut in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone back in 2001 (AKA Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone). Since then, he appeared in all the movies in the series until 2010's Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1.




The actor started losing weight when he was filming as Dudley Dursley. In fact, he lost so much weight that the directors started talking about recasting the role for the final film. However, he did the role by wearing a fat suit.
In the interview, Melling said that he never really intended to lose weight, but he quite likes the fact that it keeps him anonymous. He explained,

“I think it was an unconscious thing when it started to happen. I went to drama school when I was 18 and that’s kind of where the weight shifted, not for any sort of major need on my side, but it’s just something that just happened. And I’ve done a lot since drama school, went to do lots of theaters. I think one of the blessings of that sort of stage in my life was the fact that I didn’t get recognized. I had this history of being part of the films, but also I felt like I had the opportunity to sort of cause a new start, which I think is useful.”

He is currently a blooming actor and aside from his work in the Harry Potter movies, his acting credits include three Netflix projects that were released this year. The actor appeared in The Old Guard, The Devil All the Time, and in a new show called The Queen’s Gambit.

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