A Woman's Tweet Brought Everyone's Attention To An Identical Freckle Found On Almost Every Woman's Wrist!

A Woman's Tweet Brought Everyone's Attention To An Identical Freckle Found On Almost Every Woman's Wrist!

Aaryn's tweet left Twitter women perplexed when they noticed a similar freckle on their wrists. The woman's question was answered in the form of hundreds of wrist pictures shared by women from all over the world.

1. Women From All Over The World Are Baffled By Identical Freckle On Their Wrists

Twitter went insane when women from all over the world noticed a similar freckle on their wrists. The coincidence left everyone bewildered and soon the whole Twitter (women) started sharing pictures of their wrists, eradicating the possibility of it being a myth. Some got freaked out while others found the incident as pretty cool.




Image Credit: aaryn


2. It Happened When Aaryn Whitley Brought Everyone's Attention To It On Twitter

The insanity began with Aaryn Whitley when the lady came to Twitter to express her curiosity. "Ladies Have you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth?", she tweeted. The tweet got popular pretty soon and Aaryn's question was answered by hundreds of women.


Image Credit: aaryn

3. Women From Everywhere Flooded Twitter With Eerie Yet Exciting Replies To Aaryn's Tweet

Whitley's tweet went viral when women observed a similar freckle on their wrists. Pictures of numerous wrists were shared by many to prove the existence of the freckle. Many had it in the middle of their wrists while others had it a bit off-center. 




Image Credit: jazzgordon

4. Apparently, Nobody Had Observed The Magical Freckle Before Aaryn's Tweet


Source: Twitter




Image Credits: malwestie

5. The Freckle Is Common Among So Many Women That It Is Actually Crazy

Some women found it insane and shared their feelings with Twitter women. "Low key freaking out", tweeted Frey with a picture of her wrist. "Yeah, this is wild", another wrote.




Image Credits: Freyyx

6. Others Took It As A Symbol Of Sisterhood

While for some the matching freckle was weird, others found it as a source of unity among women. "Okay, so can I be a part of y'alls sisterhood?", Kayle Marie wrote along with her wrist's picture.  




Image Credits: Kayla Marie

7. Soon Another Woman Came To Spook Everyone With Another Weird Absurdity

As if the wrist freckle's existence was not enough to freak everyone out, another woman came forward to point out another weird coincidence. According to Dani, all women have a freckle on their left boob as well!


Source: Brightside


"Ok, apparently, we all have a freckle on our left boob too..weird", she tweeted.




Preview Picture Credit: aarynwhitley / twitter, lexikbutsch/ twitter 

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