A Woman Goes Viral For Her Before And After Eating Pics To Prove Bloating Is Normal.

A Woman Goes Viral For Her Before And After Eating Pics To Prove Bloating Is Normal.

Clara Guillem, a young TikTok Model has started a series of posting clips and photos to show her before and after eating pictures in different outfits. We can see her stomach bloated in some, but she says that's quite normal and don't starve yourself to escape this.

Nowadays, as Instagram and TikTik have given us the idea that you have to look perfect in all manners all the time, things seem to have worsened for people out there watching. They become negative about their appearance, bodies, and much more.




So there is a dire need for influencers to promote positivity about lives in every aspect and here it is a young 24-year model Clara Guillem who is opening about some secrets of how filters, poses transform you. 



Also, she is supporting body Positivity in many ways. She has gone viral for starting a series of “outfits before and after eating”.



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Kimberley Wilson, who writes about Nutritional Psychiatry, noted that women often believe that bloating means there’s something wrong with their digestion in an article for Self.



The body confidence promoting content creator also shares snaps on Instagram which bust “beauty standards” by showing herself looking different just seconds apart due to posing. And how her stomach looks totally different when a particular pose is made.



Definitely making this into a series (next time I’ll do morning and night this is just after breakfast)!

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In her video series, Clara models stylish outfits for her followers showing how her toned body looks in the morning versus after lunch or dinner. In these photos, we could clearly spot the bloated stomach after what she claims are large meals.



She further explains that bloating is “normal and should be celebrated”.
The model takes snaps seconds apart to show the reality behind Instagram's beauty standards' and how they are fake and just to fit the norm but far away from reality.

Article Source: Diply

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