A Widowed Dad Dressed Up As His Late Wife To Attend A School Event, Making His Daughter's Wish Come True

A Widowed Dad Dressed Up As His Late Wife To Attend A School Event, Making His Daughter's Wish Come True

Meet the young Brazilian dad who did not feel shy in dressing up like his late wife. Daniel wanted to fulfill his adorable daughter's wish by imitating his wife's style for Mother's day.

1. A Proud Parent




Daniel Correa is a proud father of a 5-year old Luna who lost her mom Stella to Lupus, an autoimmune disorder. The family was devastated after their loss in 2016. Recently, Daniel did something remarkable to honor not only his late wife but also to fulfill a promise to his precious daughter. 

2.  Honoring His Late Wife




Daniel shared the terrible news with his community by paying a heartfelt tribute to his late wife. He wrote, “I promised to be the best father in the world, and I am. I can only thank you for the best 8 years of my life. I will love you forever.”  His farewell message was received with pain and tears by their friends and family.

3. Building A New Life Together





Luna's dad wrote a genuine message to his wife that mentioned the promises he had to fulfill as a husband and a father. He now had a huge responsibility on his shoulders. Luna was not only his responsibility now but also a strength to overcome the painful loss that both had suffered. From taking simple walks in a park to having adventures together, Daniel and Luna started to build new memories together. 

4. Convincing Her Dad To Play Her Mom's Role At The School's Event




Recently Luna had a Mother's Day event at her school and she came up with a unique idea to honor her mom. She asked Daniel to dress up like Stella and attend the school event so that she could enjoy a dance commemorating her mother. Daniel was not really sure of the idea and tried to convince his daughter to take her aunt or grandmother instead. But Luna was adamant on her idea and he had to give in, in the end. 

Fulfilling his daughter's wish, the 33-year old dad did what he had to do, he said, “With her eyes full of tears, Luna begged me to be her mother for a day. She asked me to paint my beard pink and to wear a blonde wig, just like her mom’s hair.”

5. Leaving An Important Message



Following the event, the Brazilian dad shared a post on his social media account, where he asked the public to know the full story before passing judgmental comments. He shared a video of his daughter holding his hand and telling the world proudly that she is with her mom.

He also said, "I want to leave the following message. Death is inevitable, but we don’t need to go through this in SADNESS... do you agree? Luna, I love you! It was PRICELESS to see the smile on your face when you saw me dressed as a “mom.”


Picture credits: Daniel Correa

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