A teen boy  killed by a venomous fish while snorkeling off the coast of Costa Brava.

A teen boy  killed by a venomous fish while snorkeling off the coast of Costa Brava.

While snorkeling on a Spanish beach, a teen was stung by a dangerous fish and died.

The 16-year-old youngster died of anaphylactic shock, likely induced by the toxin in the fish, according to an early post-mortem.

Emergency services and police on the beach trying to rescue the child (Image: SOLARPIX.COM)



When the tragedy occurred, the 16-year-old was snorkeling in the waters at Playa d'Aro on the Costa Brava.

His parents alerted the authorities after not seeing him for almost half an hour, and the boy's body was later recovered from the sea.


He had a tiny incision in his neck as well as bruises on his face that were not consistent with drowning.

An autopsy revealed that the death was caused by a fish sting, but forensics is now awaiting the findings of a toxicology report.

Investigators have been given a video that appears to show the attack, which his parent's claim was carried out by a weever fish.

The fish, according to locals, is a spotted weever, whose stings may cause excruciating swelling and have been known to trigger heart attacks and serious allergic responses.

The child is said to have traveled from Montagut I Oix, which is around an hour and a half distant from where he died.

Spotted weever fish suspected of stinging the teenager (Image: SOLARPIX.COM)


A spokesperson from Montagut I Oix council said:

 "We have no words. Our thoughts are with the family. All our support in these sad times."

He was described as "a young man passionate about photography, nature and animals" who had collaborated with the nature magazine El Brull and with the city council on many occasions.

His parents have released a statement to the local press, in which they say the video handed to officials shows the teen finding a jellyfish 100 meters from the beach as he was snorkeling which 'took him to a strange and colorful fish with a harmless-looking face'.

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