A Special Women's Budget Has Announced $1.1 Billion For Women To Leave Abusive Partners In Australia

A Special Women's Budget Has Announced $1.1 Billion For Women To Leave Abusive Partners In Australia

In the federal 2021 Australian budget, a whopping $1.1 bn is put aside to deal with women's security as in domestic violence and harassment. A breakdown of this package is for emergency accommodation, legal assistance counseling, and emergency assistance for women's security.

The sickening domestic violence statistics that need to change as soon as possible have taken the Morrison government into action. With increasing women's harassment and security issues, the government has recently announced a budget that will only deal with women's safety and primarily those women who couldn't leave abusive partners just because of their financial dependency.




The statistics reveal that on average, one woman is killed every nine days by their partner in Australia, and one in four women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a current or previous intimate partner. This shows how the situation is worsening for women.

In response, the Morrison government says it is taking action. “Everyone has the right to be safe at home, at work, and online. The government is delivering measures that address the high rates of violence against women and children,” the federal budget 2021 reads.




“This funding will provide immediate support for victims of domestic violence. Our plan will help victims who escape dangerous situations. It will also assist women to access appropriate and timely specialist services, including effective legal support.”

Women leaving violent relationships face financial hardships and that's why the budget has been broken down into various sectors. It will invest $164.8 million in providing financial support for women who escape domestic violence.




The budget gives a fund of $1500 in immediate cash and a further $3500 in the form of other goods or direct payments of bonds, school fees, or other items.

For safe stay and housing, a budget of $12.6 million for over three years is kept to build safer spaces. Hundreds of millions of dollars will also be spent on assistance to help victims navigate the legal system. Also, $129 million funding is kept for assistance in legal services so that women receive their justice and the minimum time is taken to process the court proceedings.  





A further $101.4 million will be spent to increase access to Children’s Contact Services. A total of $85 million will be used to expand family law frontline services to ensure that each family law court with a permanent judge has access to Family Advocacy and Support Services.

Moreover, $60.8 million will be spent on directly funding reform of the family law courts, to shorten the time separating families spend in litigation and other proceedings. A big contribution of $261.4 million to establish a new agreement with some other states and territories for frontline family, domestic and sexual violence support services.




This budget if followed properly can significantly reduce the worsening statistics of declining women security and increasing domestic violence.

Article Source:LadBible

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