A poor couple from the Philippines repaid with a dream mansion by their adoptive son.

A poor couple from the Philippines repaid with a dream mansion by their adoptive son.

This poor couple from the Philippines took in a 3 months old boy when they had nothing, raised him to be a good man. Despite all the difficulties, he strived to provide his parents with the life they could only dream of.

Parents are a blessing that many people tend to overlook. However, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II from the Philippines was not one of those people. He was taken in by a poor couple at three months of age, and despite living life in sub-par conditions all his life, he strived to become a great man.


Jayvee's life



His parents supported him throughout his life; he had to be a working student because his parents, Nanay and Tatay, could barely earn 2 meals a day. Nanay was a vendor and Tatay was a porter. Growing up, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was hardly provided with essentials of life but the love he got from his parents was more than enough.
Here, take a look at one of their before and after pictures.


Jayvee with parents: Before and After


Their story went viral after Jayvee shared a collage of photos with his adoptive parents. While in dialog with bored panda, he said,

Now that I have the chance to give back to them, I will make sure they will live their dreams better than what they could ever imagine. I was 3 months old when Nanay and Tatay adopted. Life was very difficult. I had to be working as a student, and we were happy if Na got to make 2 meals a day. On top of that, we lived in a 20-square-meters (215 square foot) apartment.


Jayvee's Old life


Now that Jayvee earns a lot, the purpose of his life is to provide his parents with a life they never had. He built a dream mansion for them with 7 rooms, takes them on world tours, and gives them beautiful gifts on important occasions.


New Mansion


Christmas gift to his mother (white gold with diamonds and rubies)

Image source: Jayvee's Facebook

Article source: Bored Panda

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