A Polka dotted Baby Zebra With No Stripes Spotted In Kenya By A wildlife Photographer.

A Polka dotted Baby Zebra With No Stripes Spotted In Kenya By A wildlife Photographer.

This foal was spotted by Frank Liu, a wildlife Photographer while he was looking for Rhinos. The reason behind this is, pseudomelanism in the foal. Frank at Maasai Mara Game Reserve snapped the pic of this ultra rare foal, which is apparently known as a "blacker" zebra.

A young zebra was spotted in Kenya with white spots instead of white stripes. And you must be wondering will it still be called a zebra or not because zebras are known by their amazing stripes.


Frank liu


However, this typical zebra pattern is the result of pigment cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for the black base coat in them, and melanin, which gives the animal its white stripes. So if you are one of those who wonder if zebras are white in colour with black stripes or black in colour with white stripes, the answer is the latter. 


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This zebra was spotted by a wildlife photographer, Frank Liu who was looking for rhinos when he spotted this young foal. Liu had been looking for rhinos when he spotted the striking creature.


Frank liu


Later, this unique zebra was named Tira after the guide who accompanied Frank Liu on his expedition. Tira looked adorable and it seemed as if the group had accepted him. Also, this was not the first time when a zebra is born with spots.


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In pseudomelanism, the melanocytes are fully expressed in the animal, but a genetic mutation causes the melanin to appear as dots rather than unbroken stripes. This was the case with Tira too.

Moreover, the people on the internet were full of questions about this and wondered if the mother zebra was spending some alone time with other animals. Or it might be a result of crossbreeding. 

However, it came to our knowledge that the distinctive Zebra stripes aren't just for decoration. These stripes may act as camouflage, bug repellant, and a built-in temperature regulation system for the zebras.

As these evolutionary benefits were not in Tira so he has a lower chance of making it to adulthood. Also, Pseudomelanistic zebra adults are rarely observed due to this reason.

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