A Person In Canada Tried To Buy Weed Using A Thor Fake ID And Twitter Responds Savagely

A Person In Canada Tried To Buy Weed Using A Thor Fake ID And Twitter Responds Savagely

Weed is legal in Canada and the buyer is probably underage. "To be fair, he was pretty stressed out in the last Avengers movie," a witty fan added a hilarious comment under the post.

1. A Person Used Thor ID To Get Through Online Weed Dispensary

Weed is actually legal in Canada but recently, a hilarious stunt to buy the drug has left everyone in splits.  We all are aware of the use of fake ids to get work done but this is the first time that some creative individual came up with an idea to use a famous fictional character for the good deed. 




2. Thor Has Blue Eyes And Lives In 69 Big Hammer Ln

The unknown fan actually used Thor's picture (Chris Hemsworth) along with the details that mentioned our favorite character's address, eyes color, height as well as weight but something seemed weird.

A woman came to Twitter to share the funny incident that her sister went through while working for an online weed dispensary.  She also shared the picture of the fake identity card to let the Twittersphere have their share of laughs.




3. Twitter People Came To Have Some Fun And Soon The Tweet Went Viral




4. Some Found The Idea Courageous







5. Well, Now We Know Thor Weighs 68 Kgs And Is 205 cm Tall










6. Buyer Must Be Underage To Try To Use Thor For Faking Identity

Since the purchase of weed is legal in Canada, many have anticipated that the buyer must be underage to come up with such an idea or otherwise, had the guts to have some fun with the dispensary.


Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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