This Mouse Running Up To A Cat For Hugs And Kisses After Being Chased Around Goes Viral.

This Mouse Running Up To A Cat For Hugs And Kisses After Being Chased Around Goes Viral.

A viral social media post shows an adorable video of a mouse running towards a cat only to give it cuddles and snuggle with it and surprisingly showing us a unique moment of bonding and friendship. Netizens likened the pair's apparent love-hate relationship to Tom and Jerry.

Amused web users compared the relationship between the species to the one between Tom and Jerry, the famous cartoon characters who, no matter how hard they clash, will not survive without each other.

The black cat is seen hunting behind the mouse at the beginning of the video, scurrying down the driveway.

However, when it soon began chasing and lying down, the feline seemed to have no intention of hurting her rodent mate.






Suddenly, the mouse that was watching in the distance made an unexpected move.

It began to run up to the cat and hid under the belly of its fuzzy companion, evidently wanting to be cuddled after the long pursuit.

The feline seems to have willingly welcomed the offer while curling up her body and snuggled up to the mouse as, according to the state media, the two shared a moment of friendship.



Hundreds of thousands of social media users who likened the pair to Tom and Jerry were amused by the behaviour of the creatures.

One viewer wrote: 'They seem to be getting along even better than Tom and Jerry!'

Another commenter joked: 'This is another example of true love. Love can cross any hurdles of skin colours, race, gender, and now even species!' 



Caroline Clark, an ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor, told MailOnline: 'From the beginning of the video we soon see the mouse freezing (keeping still). This is a reaction to fear but is also a strategy used by many animals to try and stop the chase in the hope that the aggressor will leave them alone.

'It makes no sense to put itself in danger and in my opinion, the fact that it inadvertently runs under the cat's belly is more about it being shocked, disorientated and therefore not thinking rationally.'

While this black cat wanted to be buddies with his prey, another feline was determined to get his food by all means in China.



The moment a cat sneaked behind an angler, seemingly intending to catch fish from the man's bowl, until the cheeky furry burglar was caught red-handed, new videos circulated online.

When attempting to search for something inside with his paw in a determined manner, the apparently hungry ginger cat is seen tiptoeing around the bucket.



The feline was caught off balance with eyes locked on the prize after it unexpectedly saw the Chinese man watching the animal's every move with enjoyment.

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