A Mom Launches This Incredibly Cool line of “Dolls” Made Exclusively For boys.

A Mom Launches This Incredibly Cool line of “Dolls” Made Exclusively For boys.

A mother launches a line of dolls especially for boys available in different forms, outfits and looks. These are the tools to create emotions of empathy in boys which the older generations lacked. She has tried to remove the stigma upon dolls that they are made for boys.

The stigma over the dolls that they are made for girls only has already done too much damage to the past generations. The increasing masculinity pressures that seem to double up when they have no one to vent out and such other things have made them quite aggressive. 




Many studies show how important it is to let little boys play with dolls as they create the feelings of empathy and care in boys. They develop these basic feelings which most of the other toys fail to do. 




Although, it's been quite a time when we have started teaching our sons that it’s OK to show emotion. The idea that boys shouldn’t cry is definitely outdated. But still such mindsets and people are here who fail to accept these facts. 




When one mom, who is a psychotherapist herself, discovered that her son thinks that boys aren't supposed to cry, she was shocked hearing such a thing from him. At that moment, she sought to create a line of dolls geared toward boys so they can develop the essential emotional skills that girls do through play.


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This mom, Laurel Wider created Wonder Crew, a line of dolls aimed at empowering kids, especially boys who are made to think that dolls are exclusively for girls. She did what she thought needed to be done to change that harmful gender stereotype.

Wonder Crew is on Amazon and you can see happy customer reviews and their experiences who are overwhelmed by the change. 

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Article source: Diply

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