A Man Wins $5m lottery In This Coronavirus Crisis Situation

A Man Wins $5m lottery In This Coronavirus Crisis Situation

A man who lost his job due to the pandemic wins a lottery of Australian $5million and his life has turned upside down.

A person in South of Australia  who lives in Adelaide has scooped a near $5 million lottery win. And to our surprise the person is his 20's with a new baby and a wife. This person too was affected by downsizing because of the Coronavirus pandemic. He lost his job and was very worried because of this.




During this he randomly bought a lottery ticket online. He wasn't expecting anything so when it was announced he couldn't believe it at all. As soon as he checked his online account and found out that he had won Australian $4.8 million which is around $3million of US he woke up his wife and she actually screamed as she heard the news. 


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The lottery has made them rich for the rest of their lives with a prize of $20,000 every month for 20 years. This lottery was won in the Set for Life draw on Sunday. 




He further described that both of them couldn't sleep at night and checked the account again and again for confirmation. As this was unbelievable and their world whirled upside down. The husband wife planned whole night where are they going to spend all that money. His wife has already made a long wishlist with vacations, endless shoppings and their dream house too. 

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Sometimes life and luck gives you such surprises that you have not ever imagined. Thos man's ordinary life turned into an extra ordinary one. He was so excited to live through this life also. 

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