A Homeless Pitbull Caught On Camera While Making His Bed Like A Good Boy.

A Homeless Pitbull Caught On Camera While Making His Bed Like A Good Boy.

A homeless pitbull who was rejected multiple times by people because he was a pitbull proved how he is more cool and loving than other pups. He makes his bed every night and a staff member from the shelter posted his video.

Pitbulls are usually neglected and ignored at the time of adoption by saying that they are aggressive and rude. But this pitbull named 'Rush' did something incredibly cute and proved how he is so cool and better than all others. 




When Rush first arrived at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center, in Ohio, he was very anxious and frightened . Being a Pitbull as he had seen many troubles due to people's behaviour on the streets. 

The shelter’s staff saw something different and cared for him but Rush would see all his companions being adopted and he was rejected because of being a pitbull. But the staff really saw Rush for what he was, a very loving and cuddly pup, that was grateful to be off the streets and under good care and protection. They showered the pooch with infinite amounts of love, and also a warm and cozy bed.


SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center


The staff saw the pooch making his bed one day when he was grabbing the blanket with his mouth to the bed. He did this for quite some days and then the staff decided to record it and share with the world. And the video became viral and many requests for the coverage of this pooch arrived. 




Rush became an overnight superstar like this and with all that attention, he soon found his perfect new owners who loved him on the first sight in the video. Rush’s new mamma saw his video online and instantly fell in love with him and decided to give him all the love and a new home. 


SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center


The shelter also used this as an opportunity to encourage people to look past the stereotypes of pitbulls as of how they can be sweet and loving. 


SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center



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