A Guy Sacked After Pooping In Front Of Colleagues In Public.

A Guy Sacked After Pooping In Front Of Colleagues In Public.

An Aussie man who was sacked for pooping in front of coworkers twice, has failed an unfair termination tribunal.

After publicly defecating in front of his co-workers, a guy was fired from his job.

Anthony Lear, who had served as a manufacturing technician at BHP WAIO (Western Australian Iron Ore) for seven years, was terminated in April, according to a new article by The Australian, after he twice drained his bowels at a mining site.

Lear pooped down a drill hole, according to reports retrieved from the Fair Work Commission, and then threw his faeces down the collar of an operating drill hole while working at the Yandi Mine in Western Australia.


Yandi Mines. Credit: Google Maps


Lear also, however, argued that at the time he was suffering from diarrhea and other stomach disorders.

Owing to a shortage of toilet facilities, Lear says he had no alternative but to defecate on-site, or else end up soiling himself.

Joel Garner, a Yandi Mine colleague and a witness to one of the events, said he observed Lear dropping what looked like a rock down a pit that struck a gasbag.


Credit: Pexels


At the time, Lear allegedly told him: "I took a s**t down the hole."

The Fair Work Commission documents on the hearing state:

"Mr Lear said there was no wind that night, he covered the feces up straight away, treating it like a long drop. He said he primed the drill hole and no one else was involved."



However, the Fair Work Commission ruled that:

"[Lear] secured a new job some six weeks after having been dismissed. He, therefore, sought compensation by way of remedy, rather than reinstatement. based on his conduct, the Respondent had a valid reason for dismissing Mr. Lear.

"Further, Mr. Lear’s dismissal was neither unjust, unreasonable nor harsh. It follows that Mr. Lear’s application is dismissed."

Western Australian Iron Ore tells its workers that, for health and safety concerns, if they can't wait to enter a designated toilet facility, they should step away from the blast pattern into unoccupied land to defecate.

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