A Guy Asks His Little Brother With Down Syndrome To Be His Best Man, Leaving Him Over The Moon.

A Guy Asks His Little Brother With Down Syndrome To Be His Best Man, Leaving Him Over The Moon.

A gentleman named Will Claussen uploaded a heartwarming video on Facebook asking his little brother Henry, who has Down syndrome, to be his best person at his upcoming wedding ceremony and his response is the best thing you will see today.

It seems many of us who have grown up having family members know how special and important the attachment of brothers and sisters really is. You can get irritated with them or get angry at them, but deep down, you know you're never going to stop loving them. And you always want them to be happy, in spite of everything.

The video you are about to watch is a perfect portrait of that.




Henry finds something with his metal detector and you can see him shoveling the ground because of that, in the video. After a couple of moments, Henry digs a glass bottle with a message inside, which he believes is some sort of prank.


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The brother assists Henry in taking the letter out of the bottle asking him to read it.“Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro and my very BEST friend, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?” Henry reads, loudly. Henry lights up immediately, after reading it.


Image credits: keepitclaussy


It turns out that both of the brothers live in Minnesota and have been inseparable from each other all their lives. Will was the very first person who understood Henry when he first spoke, and because of this, they formed a unique and beautiful bond.




“He has the sweetest soul and has never said a bad word about anyone, so it was a no-brainer for him to be my best man,” Will told In The Know.




“Henry and I are very humbled by all the kind words and comments to the point where it’s been hard to wrap our head around. We are grateful,” Will told In The Know.




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