A Generous Tip Of $1400 Given By A Customer In A Cafè To Help In COVID Times.

A Generous Tip Of $1400 Given By A Customer In A Cafè To Help In COVID Times.

A man left a $1400 generous tip for all the workers in the Notchtop Bakery & cafe and wrote, 'COVID sucks!'. His this act of benevolence is appreciated on the Internet and it delivers a message of showing a bit kindness towards small and growing businesses.

Pandemic times are not at all easy and have hit almost all businesses in its own way. But what we can see are the eateries, restaurants and especially the small businesses that suffered a lot. Moreover, the employees working on minimal wages had to go through a lot to make ends meet. In this time, what the world needs is kindness. And some people who care more than others prove it by their actions. 




This happened in Colorado where a kind man named David who had only visited the cafè twice left a huge generous tip and left a kind note too. 




This man had breakfast for only about $20.04, which includes some eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits and gravy.
And when it was the turn to pay he inquired how many people were working and left a generous tip of $1400 for all the employees working that day including the cooks and waiters. 


Facebook | Notchtop Bakery & Cafe


This happened in the Notchtop Bakery & Cafe which is owned by Nailya Khametvalieva. He also left a few instructions to give each of the seven employees $200 and wrote 'COVID Sucks!'




If you have started visiting the restaurants again, you must know that the people looking after your orders and those preparing the meal are not having a good financial front due to the pandemic. And most importantly, the restaurant industry all over the world was hit hard by lockdowns and COVID-19 regulations.

So a gesture of benevolence like this or even a small one in these critical times can go a long way in making a restaurant worker feel happy and it might assist them in paying off their bills and other needs.

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