A Gardener And His Son Discovered The Tomb Of A Neolithic 'Family' Dating Back 7,000 Years.

A Gardener And His Son Discovered The Tomb Of A Neolithic 'Family' Dating Back 7,000 Years.

Alexey Agoshkov, from the village of Zelenkhoz in Buryatia's Russian region, was digging with his son Ivan when they made the discovery that amazed archeologists from all over the world.

As the image shows, two adults lying on their sides have been exposed by the couple, with bent legs and a boy in between.

One woman has a white stone ring on her scalp and on both wrists are the remains of shell bracelets.

The other one clutches a bone needle holder in the left hand, with three microplates of chalcedony above the sacrum (the bone above the tailbone).

Explaining how he found the skeletons, Alexey said: "I was digging a compost pit with my son... when suddenly a bone, a joint jumped out.


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"I carefully cleared the top of the burial and saw an adult's skull first, then the child, then the second adult."

As per local sources, the father is skilled in locating remains having previously searched for World War Two Tombs in Western Russia, and thus with some support from his son was able to uncover the full remains.

"I got so surprised when we found the first bone," said Ivan. "[I said:] 'Wow, a human.'

"I went straight to mum. She didn't believe me at first - and didn't even want to look."


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What's more interesting is that this discovery is probably the first of many in the area.

Russian archaeologists claim that the site could be part of a larger cemetery, one of the world's oldest settlements near the modern-day city of Ulan-Ude, established in 1666 itself.

According to Dr Prokopy Konovalov, who worked at the site, it would be 'simply awesome' if so.

Work is now underway to assess the age, gender, and race of the three ancient people to ascertain more detail.


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Investigators may also aim to verify that the skeletons are actually a family, consisting of a man, woman, and child.

There is also no definite cause of death and there are no visible symptoms of injuries.

One thing seems clear that the discovery of their local village has just become much more exciting for gardener Alexey and his son.

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Image Credit: East2West News


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