This Disney Fan Spotted Something Dark in a Hercules Scene and Took to Tiktok to shock others as well

This Disney Fan Spotted Something Dark in a Hercules Scene and Took to Tiktok to shock others as well

A Disney fan found how the Hercules movie refers to all the great wars that happened in the past and took to Tiktok to show others.

People are going crazy over a particular scene in Hercules that was spotted by an eagle-eyed Disney fan – and it is making people think differently about this one particular scene.
In the scene in question, Hercules' love interest Megara - or Meg - is coming to the realisation that she may have feelings for him and belts out the song 'I Won't Say (I'm In Love)' as she walks through a fancy Greek courtyard.

As she walks and sings, several statues are on display. This is where you have to focus - although at first glance they might appear to be romantic ornaments dedicated to love, if you look a bit closer you'll actually realise it's quite the opposite.


Paying more attention to the art in Hercules and oh my gosh. 😨 #hercules #greekmythology #disney #iwontsayiminlove #megara

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The Disney fan posted the video on TikTok and said:

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold on...So I never noticed this before, but in Hercules, in the part where she sings 'I Won't Say (I'm In Love)', there's a part where she says 'I thought my heart had learned its lesson'.
And the statues that she passes by... these aren't love scenes”
"Like, no wonder she's trying to be cautious!"

These are assault scenes from Greek mythology.



No wonder she was struct by shock. While posting the video, she wrote in the caption:

Paying more attention to the art in Hercules and oh my gosh."

Like every other video that goes viral on the internet, this video also racked up hundreds of thousands of views and attracted plenty of comments from people who were shocked by the revelation.
There were also many comments from a number of different Disney fans around the world, like:

One wrote:

"Disney in the 90s did not hold back and tried to get away with as much as possible."

Another added:

"They're also all based off of real statues! One with Aphrodite and Pan, Nessus and Deianira and the last possible Nymph and Satyr."

There were a few positive remarks too, for example a fan praised Disney for its attention to detail, writing:

"Absolutely adore visual storytelling like this. The board artists and layout artists knew what was up."

This clip is the latest in a long line of similar realisations for adults who are now re-watching the children's classics and spotting things that they missed when they were kids – and as a result, there were some other shocking discoveries too:For example, earlier this year, one Toy Story fan was left shocked after she noticed a fairly grown up joke that went right over her head as a youngster.


In one scene, Jessie pulls off some impressive stunts around Andy's bedroom. The movie then cuts to Buzz, who looks amazed after watching her before his wings shoot out and the little lights on the end start to flash, in a non-too-subtle expression of... er, excitement.


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Image and Video Source: TikTok

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