A Clever Husky, Alaska Saves Life Of A Woman After She Faints In The Shop!

A Clever Husky, Alaska Saves Life Of A Woman After She Faints In The Shop!

A Husky in a pet shop stops working on the treadmill after it saw a woman faint. It opened a door and went out to get help. A man came with the husky and took the young lady to the hospital.

In the city of Harbin, in Northern and eastern-most part of Chinese border Heilongjiang, Mr. Yu owns a pet shop.
Recently a very heartwarming incident took place at this pet shop. A Husky dog was busy exercising on the treadmill when one of an unidentified workers fainted. As the husky, known as Alaska saw this, it jumped off the treadmill and tried opening the shop’s door.

It then went outside the shop to get help for the fainted lady.



The security camera in the shop recorded this moment that took place on April 18th.
The pet shop worker, who was not identified, fainted in the store while huskies Alaska and Samoyed were exercising on a treadmill.

In the footage, the lady is seen dropping down to her knees and holding her head before finally collapsing to the floor.
Alaska paused the exercise as the woman fainted.


Woman holds her head before collapsing



Alaska, the real life Lassie walked over to the woman and tried to revive her with its paws. After it got no response, it quickly went to the door and pushed it open. It then ran outside to get help and within a short period of time was successful.


Alaska tried to open the door to get some help


The dog came back with a man, who was identified as Mr. Yu.
The woman was then taken to the hospital by Mr. Yu, carrying her on his back.


Alaska gets help



Mr. Yu carries the woman on his back



On the other hand, the other dog, Samoyed kept on exercising. As Mr. Yu took the woman away, Alaska started tread milling again!
She was examined at the hospital and it was known that she fainted due to hypoglycemia, a condition where a person’s blood sugar level is lower than normal. After being treated, the woman was sent home later.

Alaska’s owner, Mr. Yu said that the dog was five years old. He was very sharp as he learned to open the door after only being shown twice.
Alaska is also smart enough to understand a lot of verbal commands.

The five-year-old husky has been likened to Lassie, a very intelligent fictional dog depicted in a 1954 television series.
In the show, Lassie, a female rough collie, went on adventures with her owner's son and the pair always got into some kind of trouble. Each episode, Lassie would rush off to get help or save her master's life herself.


Lassie from the movie


Article source: dailymail

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