A Chicago-based artist uses frozen pants to call dibs on parking spots in public areas.

A Chicago-based artist uses frozen pants to call dibs on parking spots in public areas.

This street artist from Chicago decided to use frozen clothes to call dibs on parking spaces and people around the world are finding it humorous.

People employ different methods to mark their parking places. In the winter weather, there is nothing worse than having to walk a long distance to your car. So, Adam Selzer, a tour guide, an author, and a street artist, came up with a unique way to call dibs on the best parking place for his car.



He started freezing trousers so he could call ‘dibs’ on parking spots, and it seems to be an effective way of reserving a spot.
This all started when Selzer decided to make street art with frozen clothes. He made the trousers look like they were floating in the cityscape. Soon people started asking about using it as parking ‘dibs’ and so Selzer showcased how the frozen trousers could be used.




The artist cum tour guide cum author told others how to make the trousers stand up in the cold, and he has seemingly kickstarted a seasonal trend.
Via his official Twitter account, he has been showing people how to freeze t-shirts and create a floating wardrobe in the street. That would definitely help reserve the spot if people aren’t taking notice of the frozen trousers.




He later revealed that he came up with this fun activity to keep things interesting as the world grapples from unprecedented times with the pandemic and the massive cold spells that have hit most countries. He said he was trying something new as he completed a look for an invisible person by adding a t-shirt. The result was pretty cool, although the process did leave a Simpsons t-shirt that will need plenty of drying.
Taking after Selzer, people have now begun experimenting with freezing their clothes, and it’s not always to reserve a parking spot.

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Article and Image Source: Unilad

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