A 62-year-Old Sailor Rescued By The Coast Guard After Missing For 43 Hours.

A 62-year-Old Sailor Rescued By The Coast Guard After Missing For 43 Hours.

After 43 hours of clinging to his 32-foot motorboat, Stingray, Stuart Bee was miraculously found alive, 86 miles away from the coast shore. 'Saving lives at sea is our highest calling,’ says captain Mark Vlaun of US Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville.

Stuart Bee, a 62-year-old sailor was lost in the sea of Florida. He got stuck in the sea for about 43 hours as his motorboat broke down due to some technical problems. His family raised the alarm as they knew that Stuart never sails for too long in the open ocean. But luckily he was saved by the crew of a passing container ship, Angeles, 86 miles from shore on Sunday morning. Well, it’s positive and good to hear that he had been rescued.  After all, it's 2020 you know anything could happen.

Alarms were first triggered when, after setting off at about 4.00 pm in the afternoon, Bee did not come home from his trip on Friday, November 27.

The coast guard was alerted by his family, explaining that it was strange for him to have been out all night and not informing anyone.

While it is mentioned that he had not given his family a clear time he will be returning, for more than 24 hours at a time, he typically never remains out on the water.


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The US Coast Guard then started searching, with the aid of a Hercules C-130 aircraft, but it wasn’t until Sunday morning, November 29, that Bee was discovered by a passing container ship, as he held onto his boat for dear life.

The 225-foot container crew named Angeles helped save the 62-year-old and took him back to shore, stuck at sea for 43 hours.

On November 27, at about 4.00 p.m. local time, Bee set out from Cape Marina in Port Canaveral and was rescued at about 11 a.m. on Sunday, November 29.


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While he is an accomplished sailor, on Saturday, November 28, his motorboat is thought to have experienced some sort of mechanical problem.

Bee was then woken up in the night when, at around midnight, water started flooding into the port, pushing him into the front hatch.

Fortunately for the sailor, he saw the Angeles after dawn, so he stripped off his shirt and started to wave it in an attempt to attract the crew's attention.


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One of the crew onboard the container ship, Lacruiser P. Relativo, offered Bee some fresh clothes to wear before taking a photo with him.

‘I choose to offer him my lucky shirt. I could give him a new one but this one is my favourite. I wish him the same comfort this shirt has given me during those tiring job interviews. Just like him, I was lucky to get the job. He was lucky too that our course crossed near Atlantic,’ he wrote on Facebook, as the MailOnline reports.

When they eventually hit Bee, Relativo went on to say that he suddenly asked what day it was.


US Coast Guard South East


In a statement, Captain Mark Vlaun, commanding officer of the Jacksonville sector of the US Coast Guard, said:

Saving lives at sea is our highest calling. This is a truly incredible outcome that demonstrates the bond among all mariners and our community.

Thank you to our mission partners that launched into action and to all who got the word out to find and rescue Mr Bee.

Thank goodness for the cheerful conclusion.

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Article and Image Source: Unilad

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